Forte Pharma Lebanon - Slimming

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100% Lipo

Forte Pharma Lebanon - Slimming - 100% Lipo

Tired of rebellious kilos?

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Forte Pharma Lebanon - Slimming - Lipo Redux

Liporédux promotes weight loss and contributes to the degradation of installed fats. Too many kilos? Eliminated!

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Turbo Draine

Forte Pharma Lebanon - Slimming - Turbo Draine Liquid - Peach and Raspberry flavors

You have few extra kilos and you’re looking for a complete slimming drainer that allows you to lose weight!

You want a product that has a good taste, to drink it throughout the day with no efforts. Available in green tea-peach and raspberry flavors.

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Specific Ventre

Forte Pharma Lebanon - Slimming - Specific Ventre

The secret of Spécific Ventre? Its formula combines natural active ingredients for a specific aesthetic action.

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Minceur Retention d’eau


Minceur Rétention D’eau 45+ is a product intended to 45 year old women and up whose body is changing.

Thanks to its natural active ingredients, it effectively acts to promote water renal elimination due to the ash tree ingredient.

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Calori Light 60 – Calori Light 30

You regularly eat fatty and unbalanced meals, or big portion meals with family or friends? Reduce your meals portion!

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