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About Forté Pharma

Forté Pharma is a certified pharmaceutical laboratory established in Monaco in 1999 by Founder and expert in Nutrition, Dr Yann Rougier, who is also a top consultant for professional athletes in various areas (soccer teams, ATP World Tour tennis players, Formula 1 car drivers). This laboratory’s product range includes food supplements, medical devices and medicines.


Forté Pharma is

  • A  specialist in food supplements and a leading brand for slimming
  • A key player in the Energy and Beauty segments.
  • A team of hundreds of employees including 80 in France and Monaco.
  • An annual turnover of over 30 million €.
  • An international company active in more than 20 markets.
  • A laboratory belonging to Reig Jofre, the 5th Spanish Pharmaceutical company with over 150 million € sales.
  • Established in Lebanon since 2007
  • Marketed by Mersaco SAL
  • Available in pharmacies

Forté Pharma’s Mission


FORTÉ PHARMA Laboratories offer unique formulas that work « on our core needs » such as well-being, health and beauty.

Dr Yann Rougier,

Founder and Expert in Nutrition

Forté Pharma’s products help treating:

  • Dietary imbalances and deficiencies
  • Overweight disorders and metabolic abnormalities
  • Exhaustion and chronic pain
  • Excesses of stress and nervous tension
  • Accelerated tissues ageing
  • Dietary & atmospheric pollution and several allergies
  • Nervous fatigue and sub-depression
  • Degenerative disorders

Solutions with formulas of natural origin

Forté Pharma Laboratories have developed their expertise through science and technology but with a constant respect to regulations. Their products indulge the synergistic combination of different ingredients of natural origin. Yann Rougier also compares this formulation to a Lego® set:

“Every nutrient represents a Lego piece and it is the assembly (according to a certain very specific scheme) that will allow the different Lego pieces to represent a known form. This is the same for the Forté Pharma dietary supplements”.